Development & Creation

Our projects originate in the first meeting with our clients where we learn their perspective, discuss the objectives, generate requirements and shape the new assignment. Our architecture’s and design teams take on the mission to create a unique and original concept, establishing the image and the project’s heart, impregnating every aspect of it in the space, the furniture and the equipment.

We take Materiality and Innovation seriously. We count with an ample palette of native, organic, industrial and modern options, we are constantly looking for new materials, setting a dynamic innovation cycle that puts us ahead of our competitors by creating a clear differentiation factor.

Because our client’s time matter to us, we are careful planners and consider every stage of the project providing a reliable schedule and a detailed breakout of costs and activities.

We offer our services throughout the country, and in Latam with offices in Santiago, Chile and in Pucón, gate city to the Chilean Patagonia.

Carries out the design processes:

• Starts with the cycle of requirements gathering from our Client and its integration into an Architecture Conceptual Proposal that captures our Client’s aesthetics, commercial, functional, economical views and needs.

• The proposal is internally submitted for review to our staff and specialists who take a pragmatic approach to the implementation and development of the assignment, effectively contributing to a more sustainable, functional and optimized project.

• During the construction, our architects perform technical and quality inspections in order to ensure that the project’s image and technical definitions are faithfully compliant.

• Finally, the architecture area coordinates the legal procedures and approval by the corresponding entity or agency, delivering a comprehensive end-to-end service.

The Design and manufacture of highly customized furniture and equipment is one of the core of our business. Also offering a comprehensive end-to-end service.

• Retail: We design the brand’s image of our Clients or we can manufacture according to their own pre-defined concept or technical drawings. We provide standardization of drawings adapting them to local conditions. We design and/or manufacture furniture parts or whole, their complementary graphics and its advertising elements.
For each product, manufacturing manuals are prepared.

• Office Space: In this type of project, the design department is concerned with designing furniture and office equipment with ergonometric concepts, according to the user and their needs. Elaboration of each sheet of furniture for filing cabinets, kitchenette, reception furniture, as each one of the desks according to the characteristics of each environment.

• Special Furniture: this type of furniture, goes in relation to the design of unique objects of each particular client. Making a proposal to the way of life of each user, with an image according to the general proposal of architecture. Design of kitchen furniture, vanity of bathrooms, bars, support cabinets, backrest beds, closet, among others.

We have developed strategic long-term relations with suppliers and workshops thus building a solid network that supports our specialties in metal joinery, wood and paint as well as optimizing our delivery schedule.
Our designers also monitor and perform quality inspections during the fabrication process in order to ensure not only that all the elements will be assembled in the least possible time with maximum quality finishing, but also that the packing and shipping is done carefully.

Having all the background and specifications of the project, our staff in the construction department begins quantifying materials and labor, quoting external specialties with our suppliers, coordinating the supervision and generating support documentation to ensure our workers are protected and our procedures are safe.

We deliver the general planning in the form of a Gantt Chart as well as the requirements of the projects. We coordinate the different specialties involved in the construction. These specialties include HVAC, electrical project, technological implementations, fire protection systems, safety and a very stringent set of structural requirements in order to comply with one of the best and most secure building codes in the world.

The construction department elaborates constructive details that in addition with architecture offer elegant and clean technical solutions that contribute to an integral and unique aesthetic. This is why we achieve the best execution times without compromising quality , and it is what differentiated us from dedicated construction companies where the aesthetic factor are not taking into account when providing construction solutions.

We are committed to a superior finishing quality and long term relationship with our clients. For this reason, our company carries out exhaustive inspections ensuring that every detail is met according to specifications. Our suppliers know how we work and we make sure they deliver to our standard.

We offer also long term maintenance contracts so that the image of our clients remains unaffected against the unavoidable wear and tear of time and usage.